Smart InPay





  • Agent Functionality
  • Sub Agent Functionality
  • Currency Rate Setup
  • Instant Money Transfer
  • Workflow Management
  • Built-in Online Accounting
  • Inward Payments
  • Integrated to CORE Banking
  • Dashboards
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Multilingual Deployment
  • Internationalization
  • Standard based Architecture

SMART INPAY is a complete web-based, end-to-end, multi-currency, multi-region INWARD PAYMENT SYSTEM for the banks who receives their INWARD PAYMENTS connecting their agents under one hub.


Agent Functionality

System enables to configure any number of Agents based on their local country rules and regulations in multi-currency. Different services/products of the agents like Bank Credits, Cash Payouts and E-wallet can be utilized by worldwide other agents who are registered in SMART INPAY. Each agent can setup their commission, service charges and cost rate with their markups in multi currency.


Sub Agent Functionality

Any number of Sub agents can be configured under a registered agent, the sub agents can define their payout or pay in locations.


Currency Rate Setup

Flexible setup options on currency rates agent, sub agent, location wise based on margins and services in multi currency.


Instant Money Transfer

The money transfer companies will be able to centralize and transfer money instantly using the remittance module or API/Integration from one agent to other agent anywhere in the world utilizing their services offered.


Workflow Management

Users can outline different workflow management based on the business process including maker checker on critical master data, data transmission, cancellations etc.


Built-in Online Accounting

SMART INPAY has a built-in integrated financial and accounting management system with multicurrency support that effectively serves organizations with multiple agents / sub agents. The integrated general ledger module supports real-time online updating of transactions and allows real time generation of statements that show each agent / sub agent financial position.

Inward Payments

  • The solution manages inward payments regardless of originating channels, hosting modules and method of transfer instantly
  • SMART INPAY utilizes its own APICONNECT Portal system/ Web link System to connect across various global correspondents to verify and retrieve the INWARD payment.


Integrated to CORE Banking

The solution integrates and transmits the data instantly to the core banking solution including the swift messages, SLIP, RTGS, FCBU transactions. The system validates the Beneficiary Bank Account No instantly and rejects the transaction to the agents.



Advance operational efficiencies and user experience by enabling availability of frequently used functions on a single console.


Increased Operational Efficiency

SMART INPAY solution supports process automation, eliminating manual tasks and reducing turnaround time (TAT), resulting in increasing output and enabling speedy completion of tasks.


Multilingual Deployment

SMART INPAY supports bi-directional scripts and internalization of data formats. The translation toolkit is user configurable and can expand to any languages.



SMART INPAY is deployed with international data of countries, currencies, international bank, branch, swift, BIC, IFSC list.


Standard based Architecture

SMART INPAY has multi tier architecture with distinct presentation, business and database layers. Built up using the state of the art technology with a robust database engine, solution is compatible to most common internet browsers.

Scaled to handle high volume data.

Ease of integration with industry standards-based framework and readymade adapters to integrate with existing and external systems

Sophisticated security management at application, database, and user levels with role-based access.


System Security


  • Role Based User Permissions
  • Username/Password Access
  • Encrypted User Passwords
  • Full Logging Of User Access With IP Address, Date & Time Viewable By Administrators
  • Only Limited Editing Of Transaction Details To Prevent ‘Fiddling’ Of Transactions
  • Audit Trail Of Changes Made To Transactions
  • SSL Encryption Between Browser & Server, & Between Application & Database Server
  • Encrypted File System Protecting All Data (Including Database)
  • Private IP Only Access To Database Server
  • IP Based Access Restrictions
  • Multilayer Security Using Firewall
  • Static IP/Mac ID Based Access Restriction
  • Using VeriSign SSL Certificate Encryption

Agent Functionality


  • Customer Loyalty Management
  • Send Cash/Remit Transactions
  • Receive Cash/Remit Transactions
  • Real-Time Tracking of Cash/Remit Transactions
  • Account Balance Checking
  • Locate the Cash Disbursement Centers & Bank Branches
  • Currency Precision Setup In Local Currency
  • Customer Card & Membership Management
  • Cancellation Of Cash/Remittance Transaction By Agents
  • Amendment Of Cash/Remit Transaction By Agents
  • Authorization For Cancellation/Amendment Of Transaction
  • Commission Setup For Agents In Local Currency
  • Agent Location Search By Country, State/Province, District/City
  • Instant Notification Through SMS/Email To Customers/Beneficiary

Remittance Management


  • Remittance Status Tracking
  • Transaction Blocking & Unblocking
  • Remittance Verification & Authorization
  • Authorization Of Cancellation By Agents
  • Refund Of Remittance
  • Transaction Process Flow Status
  • A/c Audit Trial
  • Setting Up Credit Limit For Agents & Location

Integration to CORE Banking (for Inward payments)


  • Swift Integration
  • Uploading of 103 & 202 Messages
  • Automized Conversion of Swift Messages into Transactions & Integration
  • Routing incoming transactions to Slips, 103, RTGS etc depending on the requirement
  • Applying special rates for transactions above certain limit
  • Checking for 202 cover messages
  • Integration with core banking
  • Transaction payout from single centre (Transactions From Various Sources (Agent File Upload, Direct Remittance, Web Service, Swift) Can Be Paid Out from A Single Screen)
  • Integration to 199 Messages
  • Integration to Internet Banking
  • Integration to FCBU



  • Chart of Accounts
  • Online Statement of A/c for Agents
  • Journal Voucher Entry
  • General Ledger in Multi-Currency
  • Trial Balance in Multi-Currency
  • Balance Sheet
  • P&L Statement
  • Fund Settlement
  • Agent Position Report
  • Journal Voucher Report

System Setup / Masters


  • Services
  • Country
  • Agent & Location
  • Currency
  • Currency Mask
  • Agent Location Upload
  • Correspondent Banks & Branch
  • Beneficiary Bank & Branch
  • Beneficiary Branch Upload
  • Commission Setup Bifurcation For Agents
  • Transaction Limit Setup, Service Rules

Currency Rate Cushion Management


  • Rate Margin Control
  • Online Exchange Rate Update
  • Agent Rate Margin Setup
  • Agent Location Rate Margin Setup

Customer Care


  • Enquire About Transaction Status By Transaction Reference Number, Transaction Date, Beneficiary Name Or Center Name
  • Register Complaints
  • Send Request Such As Reset Username & Password, Change Of Pin Number & Enquire About The Receiving Location. Such Request By Agents Are Managed By Customer Support Services Using The Customer Management System’s Comprehensive Tracking & Maintenance Facility
  • Registration Of Customer Complaints/Enquiry Of Customer Complaints By Agent Location/Call Centre
  • Manage Customer Complaints Enquiry By Customer Care/Call Center Staff
  • Tracking Of Customers Online Complaints/Enquiry By Agent Location/Call Centre/Online
  • Online Tracking Of Transaction Status

System Integration


  • Auto Integration With Correspondent Banks, Receiving Agents & Other Payment System
  • Using Web Service/API Integration With Sending Agent System (Push/Pull)
  • Integration With Any Core Banking System – Subject To The Availability Of API/Web Services From Bank
  • Option For File Upload By Sending Agents
  • Option For File Upload By Receiving Agents
  • Real-time File Validation For Uploaded Files By Agents
  • SMS & Email Integration
  • FTP Push & Pull Services
  • Status Of Payments Using Response Files
  • Integrated to External AML System

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