Wages Protection System




  • Customer/Employer Portal
  • Funding & Processing of Salary
  • Disbursement of Salaries
  • Refunds, Returns & Settlements
  • Built-in Online Accounting
  • Dashboards
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Pension Module
  • Standard based Architecture

WPS is an independent end-to-end Wages Protection System for the Financial Companies integrated to the Core System for processing wages / Salaries as per the regulatory policies and procedures.


Customer/Employer Portal

Each company/ employer is provided with a separate login; the employer can register their employees, create users and upload the monthly files. Salary Status and History of each employee can be known online using this portal service.


Funding & Processing of Salary

Companies can fund and transfer salaries using different methods, full tracking of file transfers, automatic processes, regeneration and rejections are part of this module.


Disbursement of Salaries

The system allows different disbursement of salaries as Cash, through e-wallets and ATM. There are options for Single & Bulk payout as per the employee/ Employer choice.


Refunds, Returns & Settlements

WPS system allows full workflow management of returns, rejections and refunds including the auto settlement of funds to the employers.


Built-in Online Accounting

WPS has a built-in financial and accounting management system where employer and employee accounts are maintained without disturbing the main core Accounting system.

The integrated general ledger module supports real-time online updating of transactions and allows real time generation of statements that show each employer / employee financial position.


Advance operational efficiencies and user experience by enabling availability of frequently used functions on a single console.


Increased Operational Efficiency

WPS solution supports process automation, eliminating manual tasks and reducing turnaround time (TAT), resulting in increasing output and enabling speedy completion of tasks.


Pension Module

The system allows to do pension file for all Emirates citizens working in the state or in GCC countries and who are subject to pensions and social securities law.


Standard based Architecture

WPS has multi tier architecture with distinct presentation, business and database layers.

Built up using the state of the art technology with a robust database engine, solution is compatible to most common internet browsers.

Scaled to handle high volume data.

Ease of integration with industry standards-based framework and readymade adapters to integrate with existing and external systems

Sophisticated security management at application, database, and user levels with role-based access.



System Security


  • Company/Employer Registration
  • Company/Employer Registration verification
  • Pension Employer verification
  • User Maintenance
  • User Maintenance verification
  • Company Authentication
  • Employee Maintenance
  • Employee Maintenance Verification
  • Pension Employee Registration
  • Pension Employee Authorization
  • Salary Processing
  • Salary Processing Verification
  • Review Salary
  • Confirm Fund
  • Refund file upload option – excel/RFR
  • Refund file upload option – excel/RFR
  • Salary file Status
  • History of salary

Payment of Salary


  • Auto download of PAF & PSI files and processing
  • Auto generation and processing of PRC files during configured intervals
  • Auto download of ACKs/NAKs for PRCs and processing
  • Review payment option – to confirm funds are received from CBUAE
  • Salary allocation/reallocation to one branch or all branches
  • Auto DIF Generation and Uploading
  • Auto RFA generation and Uploading
  • ACK downloading and processing for DIF & RFA
  • Disbursement cancellation request (DCR) by employee/date/employer
  • Options to hold and claim salary using SFC & CHF
  • ACK downloading and processing of SFC & CHF

Funding Of Salary


  • Salary upload using excel file/SIF file/directly from WPS Online -Maker
  • Auto import of SIF file from configured folder
  • Review SIF file by users
  • Secure funds from customer
  • Secure funds ACK/CB001/CB004 Processing
  • Auto creation of SIF file and upload to CBUAE
  • Auto download of ACK file and processing
  • Regeneration/Abandon option for SIF files, if rejected by CBUAE

Fund Collection from Employer


  • Cash/Cheque Collection
  • Cheque Clearance
  • Cash Collection Cancellation
  • Cash Collection Cancellation Authorization
  • Refund Payment

Refund and Returns


  • Refund file upload option – excel/RFR
  • RFR Verification
  • Auto RFR generation and uploading
  • ACK downloading and processing for RFR
  • Auto download of RRI files and processing
  • RRI review (honour/dishonour) option for funds in hand
  • Auto creation of RRR files, sending & ACK processing



  • Dash board with status of all files processed
  • Register Complaints
  • Cash/Cheque collected Employer/Date/Branch
  • Cash Collected and Chq Cleared Employer/Date/Branch
  • CB001 Fund received Employer, Date range
  • Funding Account Status Date Employer/Date
  • Salary information (SIF) report by employer/date/status
  • Rejected transactions report RTC
  • Payment information (PAF) report by employer/date
  • Salary return (RTC) report by employer/date range
  • File status report by file types/employer/date/ status of sending/ ACK
  • Import error report – errors logged in the system during import of files
  • Transfer logs (FTP log as report)
  • Disbursement information (DIF/RFA) report by employer/date/status/Branch
  • Refund request report (RRI) by employer/date
  • Employee account statement, with Employee name, company name and MOL
  • View all the files generated {CB001,CB002,CB004) Employer ,date
  • View all the files generated {SIF/PIF/PRC/DIF/RFA/DCR/RRR} Employer, date
  • DIF reminder report
  • SFC reminder report



  • Employer
  • Employee
  • Refund/Return Reasons
  • Banks and Exchange houses

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